Favorite Summer Travel Outfit

Hi everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been active on my blog. However, with a new school year right around the corner I can finally get back into a routine and be more active on Instagram and the blog!

If you follow my Instagram (@laurnen_trythall), you would know that I was recently just in Vegas. I’ve been traveling a lot the month of August and I have been wearing this outfit for every travel day that I’ve had!

The joggers and tank top are from Ann Taylor, I bought them while working there this summer! The joggers are not your typical sweatpants material so they really make your outfit look more dressier! I love these soooo much that I bought them in black, navy blue, and a cream color! This tank top is also one of my favorites. It’s a mixed media so the front has more of a silk feel and makes your outfit look dressier but the back is a knit so it is also super comfy to wear (hence why I bought this tank top in pink, white, and black)!

Slides are my favorite things to wear because of how easy it is to just throw them on quickly! However while traveling through the airport, make sure to throw a pair of socks in your carry-on so you don’t walk barefoot through security. With this outfit I made sure to throw a lightweight jacket in my backpack just in case I was cold while walking through the airport or on the plane.

This is a super cute outfit to wear while traveling. It is very comfortable but also cute so when you arrive to your destination you will feel a little more put together instead of being in just normal sweatpants. I will link the outfit below so if you are interested in shopping it you can easily find the items!

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Outfit details:



Slides – Not the exact pair since I cannot find them but these are similar!

Purse – ON SALE! Such a great cross body bag and definitely was my go-to bag for the summer!

Backpack – Not the exact backpack but I have had that one for a long time one, but this one is super cute!



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