Fall Fashion Trends I’m Loving

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons, mainly because of the clothing you can wear during fall. Layers, sweaters, and booties are my favorite and I am so glad the weather is cool enough to be able to dress for fall.

 Fall fashion this year has really impressed me. I feel like there are TONS of new styles to try and my wardrobe was able to get a much needed refresh. I spent the week cleaning out of my closet and selling of a ton of clothes on the app Poshmark. If you download the app and sign up using my code “lauren_trythall” you’ll get $5.00 to spend on there! You can also shop my closet by following me “@lauren_trythall”

After spending way too much time on Instagram, I was able to put together a roundup of my favorite fall trends.

Cheetah Print

This trend is definitely one that grew on me. I wasn’t sure how I felt about wearing cheetah print at first. After seeing all the bloggers I follow style this trend so well, I have became obsessed with it! I am now on the hunt for the perfect cheetah print wardrobe piece to add to my closet.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.05.06 AM

Booties: Sam Edelman


I am obsessed with the snakeskin trend! I know this trend isn’t for everyone, but when I first saw snakeskin booties, I instantly became obsessed. If you have a hard time jumping on the trend, I found these little earrings from Zara that are very subtle but so cute and only $19.99

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.12.07 AM

Earrings: Zara


Typically when I think of plaid, I think of flannels. However, this fall I have seen so many different looks of plaid. It’s great to see a classic print in new styles. You would think I would dislike plaid considering I had to wear a plaid skirt for my entire private school career, but I love plaid skirts.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.19.23 AM

Skirt: Lulu’s


Leather is always a classic, but I’ve seen it used in so many different ways this fall. Leather skirts, leather leggings, and of course leather jackets are all great pieces to add to your wardrobe. Leather is trendy but also can be a good basic piece in your wardrobe. These leggings are a good subtle leather basic!

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.22.29 AM

Leggings: Nordstrom

The fall trends this year have pushed me to step out of my comfort zone with clothes and try new styles.

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xoxo, Lauren Trythall


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