Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

It’s finally December, which means Christmas is right around the corner! Today’s gift guide is full of great gift ideas for those who love fitness. To easily shop these items, just click the pink text and you’ll be taken to the item on the store’s website!

1. Mindful Movement Book by Alo Yoga – $88.00 
This is a great gift for those who love Yoga! It is a coffee table book all about Yoga and is sure to make someone happy.

2. Blender Bottle – $9.99

A perfect affordable gift for the gym lover! It’s a great shaker cup and is definitley

3. Key Chain  – $18.00

I absolutely love this! I think it’s so cute and will be used everyday.

4. Apple Watch – $549.00

My Apple Watch is one of my favorite things ever. I love being able to track everything and although it is pricey, I think it is so worth it!

5. Headband – $12.00

Lululemon makes the best headbands because they don’t slip off your head easily! Lululemon sells them in so many colors and it makes a great simple gift.

6. Wireless Earbuds – $120.00

Wireless earbuds are perfect for the gym because you don’t have to worry about a cord getting in your way while you workout. Plus, these ones are so cute.

7. Sock Gift Set – $25.00

Everyone needs socks and these socks are so nice! They are no shows and actually stay up and they do not slip down when you walk! They’re perfect to wear with any sneaker.

8. All Your Things Small Pouch Mini – $28.00

This is a nice pouch for someone to keep in a gym bag with personal items in it. I think this one is so cute and affordable.

9. Yoga Mat – $44.00

Alo Yoga makes an awesome, affordable yoga mat! I am currently loving this one so much.

10. Towel – $38.00

This towel is meant to go over your yoga mat. It helps absorb sweat and keeps you from slipping!

11. Sneakers – $135

Sneakers are a great idea for anyone into fitness! I guarantee they wear sneakers most of the time, so they would be a great gift. I have my eyes on these exact ones right now.

12. Adidas Hat – $30.00

A great accessory that makes any workout outfit complete!

13. Scrunchies – $8.00

Scrunchies make your hair look really cute and they’re fun to have. Lululemon has so many cute styles and they’re only $8.00!!

14. Gym Bag – $148.00

A gym bag is so useful for those who exercise daily. A gym duffle bag has so many uses and a nice one is sure to make someone’s Christmas exciting!

15. Adidas iPhone Case – $30.00

This is a super cute phone case that anyone would love, especially those with an athliesure style!

16. Exercise Ball – $24.95

For those who enjoy working out at home, having an exercise ball would be a perfect gift. It is a great addition to a home gym.

17. Foam Roller – $29.99

A foam roller is essential for those who workout often. It helps massage your muscles and would make a great gift for someone who suffers from sore muscles.


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