Gift Guide for the Future CEO

As a college student, I love getting new office supplies and stuff I can use during the semester. I love starting off the new year with new office supplies. I feel like such an adult now that I get excited about those things. I rounded up a ton of gifts that would be perfect for the college student or business woman in your life!

To shop any of the products mentioned below, you can click on the item in the photograph and you will be redirected to that item on the store’s website or click the name of the product below to be redirected as well.

  1. Bando Pencil Case – $8.99

  2. Kate Spade Pen and Pencil Set– $42.00

  3. Bando Write on Pen Set – $14.00

  4. Kate Spade Color-Block Sticky Note Set – $20.00

  5. Kate Spade Notebook Set – $32.00

  6. Bando Notebook – $9.99

  7. Bando Weekly Planner Desktop Notepad – $10.00

  8. Kate Spade Watch – $275.00

  9. Girl Boss Mug – $10.95

  10. Kate Spade Lanyard – $65.00

  11. Kate Spade Tote Bag– $298.00

  12. Girl Boss Book– $11.48

  13. Pencil Holder/Cup– $24.00

  14. 12 Month Planner – $28.00

    XO, Lauren


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