Gift Guide for the Instagram Obsessed

Everyone has a friend who is obsessed with Instagram. I’m that friend, so I know what that person would love! These gifts would make a perfect gift for that friend!

  1. Capture Your Style Book – $13.96

    Written by Aimee Song, who created the popular fashion blog, Song of Style, this book is a how-to Instagram guide! This would be a great gift for someone wanting to grow their blog and social media following.

  2. LuMee iPhone Lighting Case – $69.95

    An expensive iPhone case that’s worth every penny! This iPhone case has studio lighting on both the front and back of the case. This would make a great gift for the friend that’s always taking selfies.

  3. FujiFilm Instax Mobile Printer – $146.00

    This printer is so cool and I have been really wanting one! You can print any photo from your phone or tablet and it will print on the polaroid film!

  4. Instax Mini Pastel Color Filters – $16.00

    If you know someone who has a polaroid and is constantly using it, these color filters would be such a fun gift! They go on right over the lens on the polaroid and gives pictures a cute filter! It’s a set of six filters which makes this an easy, affordable gift for someone!

  5. Copper Mobile Lens Kit – $20.00

    This is another gift that I really want! This kit has three different lenses that you can keep on a clip so you can easily carry this with you everywhere. It’ll help up yours or someone else’s photography game on Instagram!

  6. Styling for Instagram – $21.99

    This book by Leela Cyd is a helpful tool for learning how to capture the best images and grab the attention of your followers with the caption! For an Instagram addict, this would be a helpful gift!

  7. Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous – $12.99

    Henry Carroll wrote this book to help those interested in making a career out of Instagram learn how to grow! It’s full of great advice and anyone who loves Instagram would love this book.

  8. Mini Light Box – $22.99

    This light box has been so trendy on Instagram! It’s great for adding messages in your pictures. Plus it looks cute sitting on your desk or in your room! This would be an adorable gift.

  9. Instagram Pillow – $20.00

    A cute throw pillow with the Instagram logo on the front of it would make a funny gift!

  10. Rebecca Minkoff Iphone Case – $40.00

    Instagram users are always on their phones! Cute iPhone cases would make a simple but great gift!

  11. Hold It! Magnetic Keepers – $20.00

    These magnetic keepers are so useful! You can use them to keep your headphones or chargers tidy and not have to worry about them getting tangled! They also can get turned inside out to be used as a screen cleaner for your phone!

  12. Instax Mini Macaron Film – $16.00

    This film is so cute! It’s great to have fun colored film to make your photos even more Insta worthy!

  13. FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – $59.00

    Sometimes taking photos with the polaroid can be way more fun! You get an instant physical copy of the image! This would be a perfect gift for someone obsessed with taking photos.

  14. Diamond Popsocket – $15.00

    Popsockets are great for your phone! It helps give you an extra grip so you drop it less! You can also use it as a stand so you don’t have to hold your phone if you’re watching a video! This would be a great stocking stuffer gift!

  15. Power Tassel Keychain – $50.00

    If you have someone in your life who is always on their phone, this would be a really good gift! It’s a leather key chain with a hidden iPhone charger!

  16. White Marble MacBook Laptop Skin – $9.99

    This is an adorable laptop skin for an affordable price! This would make a simple and affordable gift.

  17. One Snap A Day Instax Photo Journal – $29.00

    This is a perfect gift for someone with a polaroid! It helps encourage them to use it everyday and it’s a great idea to take one picture everyday! They’ll have something to look back on once the year is over and see all of their photos!

  18. Retractable Charging Cord – $30.00

    Another charging cord, but this ones more affordable than the one listed before! This one does the same thing and has a cute palm leaf as the key chain with a retractable iPhone cord to charge phones on the go!


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