Git Guide: White Elephant Ideas Under $15.00

My family always does a white elephant gift exchange or something similar! It’s such a fun tradition! This guide is full of great white elephant gifts all under $15.00. These gifts are definitely on the girly side, but they make great gifts!

  1. Festive Cherry Ornament – $8.00

    Ornaments make a great gift during the holiday season! This cherry ornament is adorable and would be a fun gift for a white elephant gift exchange!

  2. Silicone Leaf Bottle Opener – $12.00

    This is a fun gift idea especially since this bottle opener reminds me of summer!

  3. Burt’s Bees Chapstick Set – $6.99

    Everyone uses chapstick, especially during the winter months! This would be a great, simple gift for a white elephant gift exchange!

  4. Bottom’s Up Mug – $5.00

    Mugs are always a great go-to gift! This one is great for Christmas. To make this gift even better, pair it with a $5.00 Starbucks gift card and it will definitely be a hit.

  5. Hot Stuff Thermal Mug – $15.00

    Thermal mugs are great and cute ones make amazing gifts!

  6. Tiny Animal Faux Succulent – $12.00

    Okay this is an adorable faux succulent! If you know me, you know I went through a phase where I really wanted a hedgehog. I used to ask my parents for ones all the time. This would be a fun gift!

  7. Gourmand Petite Macaron Bath Bomb Set – $10.00

    Honestly, this is one of my favorite gifts on this guide. Bath bombs are so fun and it would be a cute gift! In this set, you’ll get three macaron shaped bath bombs.

  8. Write On Mechanical Pencil Set – $10.00

    These mechanical pencils are so cute! This is a gift that is sure to get used! Everyone uses pencils and these ones are just cute!

  9. The Body Shop Mango Body Care Duo – $9.00

    This set from The Body Shop comes with their popular body butter and body wash! It also comes in cute Christmas packaging!

  10. God Bless You Car Tissues – $10.00

    Keeping tissues in your car is definitely a necessity! This would be a fun gift idea and it would add a cute touch to someone’s car.

  11. Carryall Duo – $7.99

    This is on sale right now and I think it’s because of the palm print! However, I think the palm print would be cute and help bring some color into the gloomy winter days. This set of two bags would make a cute gift!

  12. E.L.F Holiday Glitter 7 Piece Brush Set – $10.00

    Everyone loves getting makeup brushes, especially since most people use them daily! This gift set is so affordable and has great quality makeup brushes.

  13. Roxy Rose Gold Mini Watering Can – $12.00

    This is such a cute home decor gift idea! The color is so pretty and is perfect for a white elephant gift.

  14. Sugarfina Rosé Roses – $10.00

    Sugarfina has the best tasting gummy bears! These ones happen to taste like Rosé and this would make a great stocking stuffer.

  15. GRL PWR Desk Sitter – $12.00

    This is a super cute decoration to give as a gift! Cute wrapping paper would add a great touch to make this a perfect white elephant gift.

  16. Floral Chip Clip Set – $15.00

    I have a similar chip clip set for my apartment and I absolutely love them! They’re so cute and would be a fun gift to get in a white elephant exchange or a great stocking stuffer.

  17. Enchanted Eve Glitter Crown Ornaments – $12.00

    This set comes with four of the crown ornaments! It is definitely an affordable gift and they look adorable on Christmas trees.


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